Basic System HF-25WE   £109.00 including VAT

Basic System HF-25WE £109.00 including VAT

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The HF-25WE Containment System provides freedom for your dog to run and provides you with peace of mind, knowing he or she is safely restricted to your garden. For gardens of up to 5 acres, provided you obtain sufficient extra wire and flags.

The water-resistant collar receiver (weight:105gm overall receiver dimensions: 54mmx35mmx40mm ) operates on a 6-volt RFA-18-11 (also known as 4LR44, PX28A or L1325F.) Replacement batteries are widely available. Batteries generally last 3-4 months).

Run-through prevention with progressive correction levels discourages dogs from crossing the boundary by increasing the stimulation as they get closer.

HF-25WE Containment System includes:

  • indoor wall-mounted transmitter with audible and visual wire break alarm
  • receiver and collar
  • omni directional receiver antenna
  • Water resistant. Do not immerse in water!
  • RFA-18 receiver battery
  • 150 metres of single-conductor boundary wire (enough for about 0.3 acres) omitted from systems sent outside U.K.; wire is too heavy to send by airmail so we suggest suitable wire is obtained locally
  • complete installation instructions
  • DVD training video
  • training flags
  • neon test light to check receiver
  • wire connectors, mounting screws, spanner, and extra posts
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Youtube has a series of two excellent videos on training a dog to the fence. The system shown is an SD-2100E but the training routine is the same for the HF-25WE.

There are also several videos about Petsafe products on YouTube.
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A manual for this system can be found by clicking here